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 weight loss food eating hints and tips

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PostSubject: weight loss food eating hints and tips   Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:22 pm

The best thing that people like about holiday season is that it brings along with it apart from all the fun, relaxation and bonding, lots and lots of good food options for people. One can literally feast on so many mouth watering delicacies that are available especially in the holiday season. There are a lot of food items which are prepared specifically in the holidays, so it becomes very difficult to watch the cravings for that particular food product. All these can be problematic for people who are prone to gaining weight fast or are already combating the problem of excess weight. There are certain ways, following which, people can think of trying all these delicacies without worrying about the problem of putting on extra weight.

Give into your cravings. It is a very well known scientific fact, that the more you tend to control a particular thing, the more craving you have for that thing and when a particular thing is available in abundance, you tend to refrain yourself from having that. That is the reason, why especially during the holiday season, you should not try and limit yourself to all these cravings. The only thing to be kept in mind is that one should not go overboard and overeat any particular thing, as excess of anything is also considered bad.

Have clarity of mind. One should be absolutely clear about what they want from themselves. As an individual has clarity about various other aspects of their lives like career and other personal choices etc, clarity of mind with respect to one own health and eating habits is also imperative. One should have clear and concise goals and targets in life. They should ask themselves questions about the reason of losing weight, how would they feel if they put on excess weight, how would they feel if they spent their entire holidays without gaining extra weight.

One should eat each and everything and should not devoid oneself. Try and keep control of the portion size that you are having. As they say, excess of anything is bad. The idea should be to try and not overdo things. Overeating can have adverse effects on the system and can be one of the leading causes of weight gain. Having smaller portions of things will help in satisfying ones desires as well as keeps the weight under watch.

One should maintain a strict vigil on the mid meal snacks as they have the tendency to contribute the most in adding on weight on the body. Simple habits of picking up something from the refrigerator every time you open it can be very dangerous and can disbalance the weight control functions of a person. The best way is to control the habit as it can have adverse effects on an individual's body.

Watch out for products that propagate low calorie, low fat food until and unless they have actually been certified as good for health. Generally, these products have a tendency of having a lower volume of one harmful ingredient but might have excess of the other one. Exercise caution before trying out any of these products.

Most of these delicacies are now available in their low calorie, fat free healthier versions. There is certainly no difference in the taste of these low cal versions compared to regular ones; therefore, it makes relative sense to try these out.

In case you have to have a chocolate, always opt for a dark chocolate. Refrain from eating milk chocolate as it has the tendency to act as a weight gain agent. Alternatively, dark chlorates have certain ingredients which if taken in correct quantities can act as a healthy agent for an individual.
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weight loss food eating hints and tips
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