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 How To Maximize The Storage Space In Your Home

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PostSubject: How To Maximize The Storage Space In Your Home   Mon May 10, 2010 11:46 am

Any homemaker will agree that a home with plenty of well-planned storage space is about 10 times easier to keep up than one which lacks sufficient drawer, cupboard and closet space. Even a small house is large enough if there is a place to put everything that needs to be put away. The storage units pictured on this page are designed to get the most possible service from the space used.

A series of drawers built inside a wardrobe is a modern trend which saves space and adds to the convenience of the wardrobe. Because a sliding door or regular closet door closes over the drawers to shut them off from view, a notch is cut in the drawer front to take the place of a knob. Shelves are built in the space above the shelves.

When the space above and below wardrobes is put to use In cabinets and drawers, suitcases and other little used things can be put away easily. The little boy's wardrobe shown here is built on one wall and designed to be just as convenient for him when he gets to be six feet tall as it is now as his present height. This room belongs to Paul McKenzie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Mc- Kenzie Jr. Paul's mother uses the cabinets built above the wardrobe but someday Paul will be old enough to find them handy.

Shelves above the drawers are ideal for storing an Indian headdress and other hats. The clothes rod is set low now so that he can hang up his own clothes; later it can be placed higher. Above the clothes rod is a shelf. Every inch of space is put to use.

In the Rex Welch home, drawers and closets are built into a dressing room. Wide drawers hold such things as Welch's shirts. They create a shelf below a mirrored wall for hair brush, shaving lotion and such. Closets on either side feature full length mirrored doors. Instead of using knob pulls for doors and drawers, notches are cut so they may be opened easily. When doors don't have to be opened with knobs they aren't so apt to be smeared with finger prints.

The dressing room in the Welch home is built between the master bedroom and bath. The wide drawers are of varying depths for extra convenience. Their interiors are painted to contrast with the outside and the walls.

A wall of built-ins in Mr. and Mrs, Walter Meng's home is an enviable feature of the master bedroom. Meng has the first wardrobe for his suits and shirts. He keeps his shoes on the bottom of the wardrobe where they are easy to reach. Tray drawers below a shelf for hats are reserved for Mrs. Meng. Doors which open outward are better here than sliding doors because the room is spacious. Sliding doors are less in the way in a small room but they can be inconvenient because what is wanted is usually behind the door. Cabinets above are used for thing such as suitcases which stay stored longer.

The linen closet in Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Woolard's home has many good features. When its doors are open the entire closet is revealed so there is no hunting in different drawers when you want some long put-away item. Shelves are wide but just deep enough for one stack of linen so everything is up front where Mrs. Woolard can easily find it.

Round rods at the bottom are the ideal for storing blankets which are folded over the rods and are easy to get at or easy to put away. Doors to the closet are louvered for good ventilation and attractively designed; they look well when seen from the dining room. This closet is built in the hall just outside the dining room.
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How To Maximize The Storage Space In Your Home
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