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 Memory Increase Tips

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PostSubject: Memory Increase Tips   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:11 pm

re you searching for some effective tips to increase your memory power? Memory is one of the most vital functions of the brain and most of us would like to increase its capabilities. So here are some useful tips that will help you.

1. Drink Fluids – Try to avoid dehydration and drink enough water and fluids. Research shows that apple juice results in increased memory power.
2. Exercise - Mental exercise is very essential for a sharp and agile mind. You can engage in some activities that require your mind to be playful and active. Try playing chess, scrabble, puzzle games etc. Memory
3. Deep Breath – Take several deep breaths to have more oxygen in blood and thus in brain. It will help you to relax and have clear thinking.
4. Meditate – Yoga and meditation helps in relieving stress. A simple meditation can be done by closing eyes and paying attention to your breath. This will relax you and clear your mind and will make you ready for any mental task.
5. Eat Almonds – Almonds are best to improve your memory power. Almond milk can be taken before going to bed to enhance the memory power.
6. Develop Imagination – Involve all your senses like seeing, touching, feeling, hearing and smelling in the imagination process to remember the things better.
7. Repetition – You can repeat the thing to yourself which you want to remember. It is a very simple but effective tip that works well.
8. Write – You can try writing down things you want to remember on paper or hand, it will indirectly fix the things in your mind.
9. Control Temper – Chronic stress and temper cause brain shrinkage. Use fresh vegetables, water, meditation etc. to prevent toxin emotions of temper and stress.
10. Avoid Toxins – Try to avoid toxins like smoking and alcohol that have negative effects on brain. Instead include Vitamin B Complex in your diet to strengthen your memory power.
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Memory Increase Tips

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