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 How to make friends?

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PostSubject: How to make friends?   Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:14 am

How to make friends?

Making friends is not always an easy affair, especially if you are shy in nature. Not all of us born with charisma. But, we can make friends, if we follow certain norms and tips, as shown below.

16 tips to make friendship and keep it forever:

1. Be optimistic. If some body insults you, just ignore him and, don’t be afraid to express your opinions, as he has no idea what he is talking about. A positive out look will make people want to be more around you.

2. Smile as much as you can. It is a sign that you are interested in what they are saying.

3. Listen more than you talk and try to take what the person says and run with it. Add your own thoughts also occasionally, but don’t hijack the conversation.

4. Say "hello” to those who are reserved and talk less. Share something about yourself, such as why are you there? Avoid talking about weather at that time.

5. Don’t expect perfection out of anyone (especially yourself). For example, if you forget your own name while introducing yourself, don’t get panicky, but just make fun of the situation.

6. Share interesting ideas. Your thoughts can open up many doors that can lead to friendship.

7. Crack a joke. Having a sense of humor is important, but don’t get yourself too carried away, as there are some things you have to be serious about.

8. Start by doing little things, if you are very reserved. For example, every time you go to work, say hello to one person and have a one-on-one conversation with them.

9. Everybody likes some attention (even the shy ones). Pay attention to people and they will repay you warmly.

10. Don’t be selfish. Many think if they are generous, their friends would take advantage of them. This is an absurd paradox.

11. Just be yourself: Not everybody likes a bubbly, funny personality. Don’t try to say something just for the purpose of looking smart. Lot of people prefers to have friendship with sincere persons.

12. Love yourself. It is difficult to like others, when you do not appreciate yourself for you are.

13. If you make an appointment with anybody, be on time. People like to make friendship with such type of persons very much.

14. Be nice to others. Always give compliments. Also crack a joke once in a while. People will laugh and find you fun and funny to be with.

15. be honest. Lying makes people not want to be your friends any more.

16. Surround yourself with people you want to be like and also people who share your interests. Be passionate about what you believe in. Never change your opinions and ideas often. People like to show keen interest with such type of honest and sincere people.

The golden word is: “Friendship is fragile and handles it with care”.
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How to make friends?
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