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 How to behave with neighbors?

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PostSubject: How to behave with neighbors?   Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:15 am

How to behave with neighbors?

Man is a social being and he cannot live alone in this, (especially) busy modern world.
From dawn to dusk, he has to mingle and mix with many number of people whom he come a cross daily and has to work together with them either in the office or in other fields where he has to do his job.

At his residence (house), also he has to maintain good relation ship and rapport with his neighbors.

It is strange but true, many a time we actually don’t know, who is our neighbor? Such is the situation often we face. With the help of these tips, we can maintain good co-ordeal relationship, especially with our neighbors and also others.

1. First of all, take initiative and talk to your neighbor with a smiling face, (even if you’re very busy), if you happened to see him face to face. Never wait thinking that your neighbor should take the initiative.

2. Never forget to invite your neighbors for the functions and for any other happy occasions, which might take place in your home often and on.

3. Often and on, arrange small get-together parties and invite your neighbors.

4. Move with them freely, but never try to take undue advantage of interfering with their personal affairs and also not involve deeply yourself in their matters.

5. But lf they tell anything to you, just listen to what they so and keep quiet. Otherwise, politely tell them, that you have no time.

6. Persons without any work or job, never keep quiet, but go on spreading rumors and passing unnecessary comments against others. Never participate yourself in such type of discussions.
Better to be calm in such type of situations.

The golden word is: ‘’Speech is silver, but silence is golden.’’

7. If there are more than three or four families in your locality, maintain friendship and relationship equally with all of them, otherwise there are every chances of developing groupism.

8. Even if you are having thick and thin relationship with your neighbors, but never visit their homes after 8 pm (in the night time).

9. If any one of your neighbor is suffering from any ailment or in any need, immediately make available yourself and respond to their need immediately.

Golden word is: "A friend in need is a friend indeed’’.

10. Never give free advices, which are unnecessarily inviting troubles. If they seek your help or advice, give your valuable opinion or advice to them.

11. If you prepare any new variety of recipes, offer it to them and obtain their suggestions.

12. If you happened to pay a visit to new places, purchase any new articles there, and give them as presentations to your neighboring friends, which help in developing good rapport among yourselves.
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How to behave with neighbors?
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